a few miles north

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A Few Miles North, hailing from Paw Paw, Michigan, formed in 2003. The initial line-up consisted of: Kirk on vocals and guitar, Mike on guitar and backing vocals, Matt on bass and Jesi on drums. AFMN can best be described as having melodic guitars, catchy lyrics, and upbeat drums; creating a unique sound somewhere between pop-punk and screamo. They have released two EP's: "Inside Of A Killer" and "Demolition Romance". Something was still missing, so in November of 2004, Turtle was added as bass player to create a better live performance. Matt then moved to second guitar, which allowed Kirk to concentrate more on his vocals. Since the line-up change and their increasing show schedule they have built a large fan base in the tri-state area. They plan to build on their popularity with several tours planned for this year.

The line-up:
Matt - guitar
Kirk - vocals
Turtle - bass
Mike - guitar/back-up vocals
Jesi - drums